The One Vitamin and Foods to Eat Every Day for Brain Health

Andrea Willis

Nutritionists, neurologists, and psychiatrists have spent countless hours researching the nutritional component for optimal brain function and preventing cognitive decline. Here’s essential nutrients for brain health. The essential nutrient to brain health While there are a number of vitamins and minerals that contribute to brain health, one Harvard nutritional psychiatrist …

Scientists Find Potential Cure for Baldness, Can Revive Dead Hair Follicles

Andrea Willis

Scientists may have discovered a cure for baldness by discovering a body-healing protein called TGF-beta, which could bring dead hair follicles back to life, as well as speed wound healing and help people with various problems. Scientists find protein that controls hair follicle lifecycle Some degree of baldness will affect …

Here’s Why You Can’t Exercise Away a Bad Diet

Andrea Willis

You might be able to exercise away fat to have a certain outward physical appearance, but good health isn’t only how you look on the outside – it’s what’s happening on the inside, too. Why exercise won’t fix your bad diet. The fallacy of exercise usurping diet For some people …

New 988 Mental Health Emergency Hotline Launches Nationwide

Andrea Willis

The United States launched its first nationwide three-digit mental health hotline on Saturday. Anyone having suicidal thoughts or other mental health emergencies can dial 988 for immediate help from a mental health pro. 988 is the new 911 for mental health emergencies Instead of calling 911 for someone who is …

When to Take a Mental Health Day and How to Make the Most of It

Andrea Willis

There comes a point when enough is enough. Continuing pays diminishing returns or does real damage. The key is recognizing you’re at the breaking point and stopping before you snap. What to do with the timeout. Identifying the breaking point and stopping Sometimes you can see your breaking point coming, …

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