Tips for Staying Alert All Day and Avoiding Afternoon Slump

Megan Smith

There are times when we need to be on our “A-game,” which means staying alert and sharp throughout the day. Here are some tips for enhancing your energy and avoiding the dreaded afternoon energy slump. What is the afternoon energy slump? Before we address the topic of staying alert, let’s …

The Top 10 Anti-Aging Foods

Megan Smith

The adage you are what you eat is true. Many experts in health and nutrition say the fountain of youth can be found in what we eat. Here are the top ten foods that can keep you looking better and living longer. Avocado This superfood is unanimously on everyone’s list, …

Daily Aspirin No Longer Recommended for Most Adults over 50

Megan Smith

For years, doctors recommended daily low-dose (baby) aspirin for adults 50 and over to protect against heart attacks and strokes. Still, new evidence suggests more harm than good, as health experts issue revised guidelines. New recommendations advice against daily aspirin for adults 50 and over A daily routine of taking …

Snorers Warned Condition Raises Risk of Dying in Car Crashes and Accidents

Megan Smith

Many people who snore are unaware they may have a health condition known as sleep apnea, which can cause daytime drowsiness, decreased alertness, increased risk of heart attack, and premature or accidental death. Snorers unaware they may suffer a fatal condition Snoring isn’t always a benign condition that causes someone …

What Vitamins and Supplements Do Pharmacists Recommend?

Megan Smith

Vitamins and supplements can go a long way in improving and maintaining health and helping relieve pain and inflammation. Here are some of the top vitamins and supplements pharmacists recommend. Top supplements and vitamins as recommended by pharmacists Recently, US News, in partnership with pharmacy times, surveyed hundreds of pharmacists nationwide …

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