Doctors Encourage Parents to Start Kids Maintaining Bone Health Early

June Fisher

While adults are encouraged to exercise to promote bone health in their later years, research has found that crucial bone development begins at age 10. Building bone density in youth helps provide lifetime benefits. Research finds crucial early bone development between ages 10-18 New studies have shown that the important …

Energy Drinks Are a Heart Killer, Experts Say

June Fisher

“Death in a can” is how one expert describes energy drinks, as medical professionals and studies warn these types of beverages are a “heart killer” that can cause cardiac problems, blockages, attacks, and strokes. Energy drinks are a “heart killer,” say experts A spokesperson for the Heart Foundation is warning …

The One Vitamin and Foods to Eat Every Day for Brain Health

Andrea Willis

Nutritionists, neurologists, and psychiatrists have spent countless hours researching the nutritional component for optimal brain function and preventing cognitive decline. Here’s essential nutrients for brain health. The essential nutrient to brain health While there are a number of vitamins and minerals that contribute to brain health, one Harvard nutritional psychiatrist …

Scientists Find Potential Cure for Baldness, Can Revive Dead Hair Follicles

Andrea Willis

Scientists may have discovered a cure for baldness by discovering a body-healing protein called TGF-beta, which could bring dead hair follicles back to life, as well as speed wound healing and help people with various problems. Scientists find protein that controls hair follicle lifecycle Some degree of baldness will affect …

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