Can’t Always Eat Enough Vegetables? Supplement with Greens Powder

It isn’t always convenient to get green vegetables into your diet at every meal, and when you can’t, greens powder is a dietary supplement to help you reach your daily recommended intake of vitamins and minerals.

Greens powder is a temporary fix, not a diet plan

Unfortunately, only around 9% of American adults get their recommended 2-3 cups of vegetables and 1.5 cups of fruit each day, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

While not a substitute for eating raw and cooked vegetables as often as you can, greens powder is intended as a dietary supplement to make up for the times you can’t eat your veggies to ensure you are getting your daily recommended intake of minerals and vitamins.

However, Greens powder should be thought of as a temporary fix to a diet shortfall, not an ongoing diet plan for never or not eating enough vegetables.

Consuming vegetables is not only important for the nutritional factor, but eating them in their natural state provides both fiber and water, which aids in digestion, builds healthy gut bacteria, and also helps you feel fuller longer, which prevents you from overeating or over-consuming less healthy foods, Good Housekeeping reports.

What is greens powder?

Greens powder is formulated with a combination of nutrients to support your body’s immune system and energy levels, providing the daily nutrition requirements for good health, according to WebMD.

What’s in greens powder?

Greens powders are almost always vegan and are made from organic and non-genetically modified sources and products.

Which specific ingredients are in a particular brand of greens powder will vary. However, they commonly contain some or all of the following:

·       Leafy greens

·       Seaweed

·       Grasses

·       Other vegetables

·       Herbs

·       Antioxidant-rich fruits

·       Nutritional extracts

·       Probiotics

How do you use greens powder?

Greens powder tends to have a grassy taste. Often, a natural sugar substitute such as stevia extract is added to enhance the flavor. Typically, greens powder is mixed into juices or smoothies, as well as plain or flavored water.

Top 5 greens powder brands and products

Prices vary on greens powder depending on the quantity, form, and ingredients. It can be purchased in convenient individual powder sticks, as well as large containers with scoops.

Best overall> Amazing Grass Greens Blend. $46 at Amazon.

Best on-the-go> Vegan Super Greens Powder & Multi-Vitamins Supplements (15 powder sticks). $28 at Amazon.

Best flavored> Organic Super Greens. $40 at Ancient Nutrition.

Best basic greens powder> Marine Super Greens Blend. $25 at Target.

Best raw organic> Perfect Food Super Greens Formula Powder. $34 at Amazon.