Should You Use a Service For Weight Loss?


There are a lot of business services that promote their services for weight loss. Weight Watchers (or WW, as they’re branded now), Jenny Craig, Atkins, South Beach… these programs are more than ‘just diets’, they are whole business solutions. But the question remains… should you try these for your weight loss and health solutions?

The answer depends firmly on you, and your health needs. Some people struggle a lot with holding themselves accountable, and in order to get healthy they need the structure of tracking, of meetings, of pre-made dinners. If you’re that person, then yes – maybe these diet business solutions are for you.

But they’re not for everyone! These are usually expensive services, and the foods are expensive, too. If you have a lot of existing food restrictions – like allergies or intolerances – these foods can be the worst, and you can struggle to find something to eat.

On the surface, there’s nothing wrong with these business services. Just be smart with what service you use, and be honest with yourself… is the money going to be worth it?