Best Solo Summer Exercises


This is going to be a weird summer, folks. We’re all trying to avoid other people, gyms are barely open, and who else is tired of being by themselves?! If you’re looking to work on your fitness and you want to take advantage of the beautiful weather, here are our best tips for getting outside – but staying socially distant.

Running is a great exercise that you don’t need anyone else for. Around the block, through a park, down a city street… if you’re keeping to yourself you probably won’t need a mask, but I would keep one on you, especially if you’re in a city. Keep to the mornings and evenings so you don’t overheat.

Hiking is an awesome solo activity! Connect with nature, enjoy the summertime, and get fit.

Finally, do your normal workout… just outside! Spend time in your own backyard, or at a local park. Do yoga from your phone, do a bodyweight cycle, or even stretches with your yoga mat. Just being outside and in nature can feel amazing.