Health Benefits of Almonds–and How to Add More Nuts to Your Diet


Almonds are a versatile food that you can consume whole, chopped or sliced. Even if you don’t care for almonds, you can add them to your diet through almond flour or almond butter. They are nutrient powerhouses that have a ton of health benefits ranging from your gut to your skin.

A bowl of almonds

Benefits of Almonds

Almonds are filled with antioxidants, which are mostly contained in the brown layer of the skin. Antioxidants decrease oxidative stress–an imbalance between your body’s ability to counter harmful effects and the production of cell-damaging free radicals.

Raw and roasted almonds actually act as prebiotics. Consuming them provides beneficial bacteria for your gut which is great for your immune system, inflammation and your mental health. If you don’t think your gut health is important, keep in mind that it helps with weight management, cholesterol regulation, insulin function and anti-inflammation.

Almonds also help increase and maintain your heart’s protective HDL cholesterol while lowering the LDL cholesterol levels, which are bad for your heart. They have been proven to reduce blood pressure and improve vascular function, as well as reduce belly and leg fat.

Speaking of fat, almonds as well as other tree nuts can actually reduce your body mass index (BMI). They act as a natural dietic by boosting feelings of fullness and delaying the return of hunger.

If those aren’t reasons enough to add more almonds to your diet, you should know that they can actually help turn back the clock when it comes to aging. The good fats contained in almonds have been shown to decrease wrinkles and are great for your skin.

Adding Almonds to Your Diet

If you like these tasty little treats, it’s super easy to get a daily dose. Almonds are portable and taste great without adding anything to them. For those that like smoothies, try adding some almond butter. You can also use almond butter to dip fresh fruits or make your own energy balls.

Sprinkle whole, chopped, or sliced almonds over a salad, cooked vegetables, oats, or put them in a delicious stir-fry. Almond flour can be used to replace bread crumbs or regular flour for baking. Garnish your hummus, or use it to coat your cauliflower or chicken tenders in place of traditional breading.

With the wide variety of almond products, it’s easy to get them into your diet. This is one healthy snack you don’t even need to go looking for. Any grocer and even convenience stores carry almonds, making it easy to get them even if you are on the go!