Fun New Exercise Game from Nintendo Recaptures Wii Fit Magic


Ring Fit Adventure, the upcoming video game for the Nintendo Switch console, is set to inherit the mantle of “fun fitness game” from Nintendo’s legendary Wii Fit. The name alone is a testament to this, as is the wacky pair of peripherals that come with the game.

Ring Fit Adventure
CNET via Nintendo

Players tearing into the box will notice that the game comes with a Pilates ring and a leg strap. You’ll place one Joy Con controller in the leg strap to track your steps, and the other in the “Ring Con” to track your upper body. Then the workout can commence.

Getting Fit While Adventuring

Gameplay in Ring Fit Adventure sees the player taking on the role of a heroic athlete looking to stop a giant, body-building dragon from terrorizing the land. You’ll traverse the world by jogging in place, getting your cardio in while you explore. The Ring Con can be used to send blasts of air out in-game, allowing the player to smash crates and jump over obstacles.

When the player encounters enemies, things get interesting. Your cardio is broken up by RPG-like battles with cuddly monsters. You’re presented with a selection of workouts that are color-coded to match the monsters. When you succeed at a few reps of a workout, it deals damage to monsters sharing its color code.

This, cleverly, allows the game to help you target specific areas in your workout. If you’re fighting red enemies, you’re about to use your arms. If you’re fighting green enemies, it’s time for some intense yoga poses. Blue enemies? Looks like it’s leg day.

Quickplay Mode

While Adventure Mode will be great for video game enthusiasts who want to trick their bodies into a workout, fitness-minded Switch owners will likely enjoy Quickplay Mode. Quickplay allows you to pick a custom workout plan.

If you want a solid hour of targeting your arms and core, you can set that up. If you’ve only got half an hour and just want some yoga to get your heart beating, that’s available. Maybe you need to focus on your legs and create your own leg-targeting workouts. It’s all up to you!

Will It Work?

The game is great fun, addictive and enjoyable like all great RPGs. Equally addictive will be the weight loss and muscle definition that players could see if they stick to a regular fitness regimen with the title. Working out can be fun with the right incentives, and Ring Fit Adventure looks to be the right incentive for a lot of gamers.

Reese Allen
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