aging woman looks at skin in mirror

See: Americans are Afraid of Aging, Says Study

Most Americans have an intense fear of aging says the results of a new study.
Healthy Food

See: Snacks that Nutritionists Eat Each Day

If you're looking for a new healthy daily snack, here's a peek at what nutritionists themselves tend to favor.
woman looks tired at window

See: How 2020 Has Negatively Affected Everyone’s Health

A survey showed that the health of almost every American has been negatively affected by 2020, with stress being a leading factor.
kid spaces out eating junk food

See: How ‘Kidfluencers’ Promote Junk Food to Your Kids

If your kid is a YouTube junkie, you'll want to watch this. Kid influencers are promoting sugary junk foods to other children who watch...
custard apples

See: 6 Unusual Fruits to Add Variety to Your Healthy Diet

Are you getting tired of eating the same old healthy foods every day? Here are six unusual fruits you can start adding to the...
red peppers against white background

See: 7 Immunity Boosting Foods to Help Prevent Winter Colds

Your diet plays a very important role in helping you to stay healthy, especially during the cold and flu season. Here are 7 foods...
a woman is tired at work

See: 4 Easy Ways to Defeat Your Midday Energy Slump

Instead of reaching for a sugar-filled snack when you feel that midday energy slump approaching, you can try these four much healthier alternatives.
astronaut in space with mask and stay at home sign

See: If You Get Sick in Space, What Happens?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you got sick while in Space?

See: How Being Generous Can Help You Live Longer

Researchers have discovered a new way to help people live longer, and it's a good one.
a pile of pumpkins

See: 5 Surprising Health Benefits from Pumpkins

The season of all things pumpkin is here, and what you might not expect is that pumpkins are good for so much more than...
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