cpr doll

See: Parents Must Perform CPR Once a Week to Save Daughter’s...

A simple tantrum could kill their toddler, so these parents must perform CPR at least once a week to save her life.
closeup of bee face

See: Bee Venom Kills Cancer? What a New Study Says

A new study found out something really surprising when it comes to bee venom and aggressive cancer cells.
Meats and vegetables

Watch: What Foods Should Be in Your Kitchen?

Check out this list of must-have foods you should keep your kitchen stocked with. See what to buy here.
Healthy snacks for the best diet of 2020!

See: How to Eat to Benefit Your Mental Health

See how you can stealth healthy both physically and mentally. Watch more here.

See: Doctors Hope Breathalyzer Can Be Used for Coronavirus Testing

Instead of the invasive swab testing that has been used for recent COVID testing, doctors are looking for alternatives here. See more on what...

See: Does Air Conditioning Spread Coronavirus?

While there is no evidence that your air conditioner is spreading the virus, it is important to have it in good working order. A...
Healthy Food

Watch: Eat Plant Based to Keep Your Heart Healthy

The secret to a healthy heart? More plants in your diet. See these health tips here.

Watch: See How the Occasional Beer Can Boost Your Health

Health officials say having a couple of beers can make you healthier in the long run. See how to maximize your beer benefits here.
Weighted Squats

See: How to Motivate Yourself to Work Out

Check out these tips to drag yourself out of bed and get in that workout.
Woman wearing face mask

See: Are Eggplants the Mask of the Future?

Eggplants are being turned into sustainable face masks. See the details here.
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