Career Tips for Those Just Starting Out

If you’re looking to get started on a career, not just working any old job, it helps to go in with the right expectations. Assuming that you can get rolling in a career path without the right knowledge or mindset is a fallacy. Getting started is tough! Here are some of the ways you can make starting a new career easier on yourself.

Don’t Expect Anyone to Help

It’s a harsh lesson, but it’s true. No one is coming to your rescue. At the end of the day, you’re in this alone. Your colleagues, your employers, even your family: no one can help you succeed more than you can. Being given opportunities is one thing. However, it takes your own hard work and determination to make something of those opportunities.

Even a boss that’s trying to set you up for success needs you to capitalize on what they tee up for you. What’s more, if your bosses and colleagues aren’t setting you up for success, you have to make your own opportunities.

This isn’t something you can be taught. You simply have to know how to find an opening and make yourself indispensable for the company.

Networking and Maintaining a Reputation

This might sound like a contradiction of the last point, but the two are actually complementary. Just like you can’t rely on anyone but yourself to succeed, you can’t expect to have the opportunities all alone.

It’s critical that you maintain a good reputation and network effectively. Presentation, personal hygiene, work ethic, and professional conduct are all pivotal to your success.

This is because moving from job to job is as much about who you know as how good you are. Of course, you need to be a go-getter who is excellent in your field. But you also need to be professional, dependable, and easy to work with.

It doesn’t matter how good you are if your colleagues and employers can’t write a good review of your workplace conduct!

Show Gratitude for Good Deeds

If someone in your career path does you a good turn, make sure they know you’re thankful. One of the most damning mistakes a burgeoning professional can make is accidentally snubbing someone who has done them a favor. If a contact gets you an interview with a job you want, make sure to thank them properly.

This could be in the form of a hand-written note, or even just a heartfelt face-to-face conversation. Just make sure people know that you are aware of the good turns they give you. In return, be generous with your own favors.

Maybe you know someone who could land a professional contact a job you know they want. Help them out and you might find even more doors opening for yourself.