How To Boost Your Metabolism


We all hear about the importance of boosting your metabolism, but what does it really mean? 

Well, in very basic terms, if you have a fast metabolism that essentially means that your body burns calories at a faster rater than those who have a slow metabolism.

woman drinking green tea

Burning calories is obviously essential to losing weight (or maintaining), and so people with a naturally fast metabolism often have a much easier time keeping weight off.

Though people’s metabolism is often based on things you can’t control — like age, gender, or genetics — there are ways to improve your metabolism and get it moving a little faster. 

Lift Weights

People with more muscle have a higher resting metabolic rate than those who do not. 

It’s important to incorporate strength training into your exercise routine, as it will raise your daily metabolic rate and keep you burning calories even when you’re resting.

More Water

We know, we know, everyone always says to drink water, but it’s truly the most important thing you can put into your body!

Your body needs water to process calories, so if you are dehydrated or not getting enough liquids throughout the day, your metabolism will definitely slow down. 

Stay hydrated throughout the day and also make sure to stay away from salty snacks that will naturally dehydrate your body.

Snack More

Though this seems counterintuitive, eating more often will actually help you lost weight. 

Having small meals or snacks throughout the day will actually keep your metabolism going and help you to burn more calories.

Plus, if you snack more regularly (on something fairly healthy, obviously), you’re actually more likely to eat less during every meal.

Get That Spice 

While not everyone enjoys spicy foods, they do have natural chemicals that will get your metabolism really going.

If you’re someone who is into spicy foods, try adding red pepper flakes or a little bit of jalapeño to your meals.

Drink Green Tea

Instead of turning to soda or a beverage packed with a lot of sugar, go for a green tea. 

The beverage is said to bump up the metabolism for a couple of hours, so drinking a few cups a day will more than likely increase the number of calories burned. 

Stand, Don’t Sit

Though a lot of jobs require people to sit at a desk for eight hours a day, this can unfortunately really hurt your metabolism. 

Try standing up as much as you can throughout the day and get in as many walks as possible, as this will get your metabolism going and help to burn calories.

If you can see if you can work at a standing desk.