How to Ensure Your Garden is Working For You


Do you have extra backyard space? What about front yard space? Okay, what about windowsill space?! If you do, you should be taking a healthy choice and having that work with you. Your lawn and garden shouldn’t just be beautiful – it should be functional.

Growing an herb garden takes almost no time, and the healthy and fresh addition to homemade food that you make is more than worth the time. If you have a basil cutting from a friend’s plant, add it to a small glass of water in a window. In a few days, expect to see roots – you can plant this, and you’ve got basic.

Green onions are the same! Save the white part and toss it in some water. Once you’ve got a good root system, you can plant the green onions and keep growing them.

Mint is much of the same – pretty much all herbs are resilient, easy to grow, and look great in your garden. You’ll save money, too!