Do Your Soul Good and Travel Without Leaving the House


If you are one of the millions quarantining in your own home, you are likely starting to feel a bit cooped up. Taking a trip is probably just what you need, and you don’t need to leave the house to do it.

Although it may not be quite the same as taking a vacation, you can feel like you are getting away – even if just for a little bit. The internet can bring travel and entertainment right into your home so you can explore new places and learn the wonders of the world.

Google Earth and Street Views

Want to visit London or stay at an oceanfront resort? By exploring Google street views you can see panoramic views of any destination around the world. Take a look at Google Earth if you want to zoom in and explore maps close-up. You can even take a trip to space from your home.

Take a Trip to the City

Visit any city you want – not just your own city! Using you can see panoramic views from cities around the world. Travel through the city and zoom in while you walk around. You’ll feel just like you are there – without all the hustle and bustle!

Online Virtual Tours

In the wake of the coronavirus, many museums, zoos, and other venues have launched virtual tours and live cams to help keep you entertained. Although this is not a new concept – a whole slew of places added virtual tours or live cameras directly on their websites for you to take an escape right from your living room.

Experience your dream destination, or places you miss, right from your own home. Take the kids to the zoo by watching live cams of penguins, lions, tigers, and bears. Goto your favorite hotel and take a virtual tour to reminisce about the days you could leave the house.

If you want to experience cultural sites, UNESCO has hundreds of virtual tours. Explore places like the Taj Mahal and visit places you may never get to see in a lifetime.


Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia which is updated by thousands of volunteers from around the world. It is an excellent source where you can read about different destinations, view photos, and get detailed descriptions of places to travel – no matter how remote or unknown the destination is.

Make the most of your at-home vacation and pick the place you most want to travel to. Order food for delivery or pickup, or prepare a meal ahead of time that is a popular cuisine from the area you are going to explore online. Although your at-home getaway may not be as good as the real thing, it can provide hours of entertainment and learning while giving you a sense of travel when you can’t.