Why the “Hottest Drink” this Summer Won’t Get You Fat – or Drunk


Are you expecting sangria? Maybe a recipe for a smoothie, with kale and avocado? Or do you want us to tell you the trick of freezing grapes for your white wine? (it’s not a trick – they make great ice cubes!)

No, the hottest drink this summer isn’t going to get you drunk, you don’t have to spend $10 on one, and there isn’t a secret to it. It’s seltzer water, and it’s rapidly growing in popularity!

Sparkling Water

Growing Faster Than Soda

The soda industry has seen about a 1% growth every year for the past 3 years. In comparison, the sparkling water industry (This includes seltzer and soda water) is seeing a huge amount of growth, double-digit numbers every year. And it’s no surprise!

Soda is heavy with calories, sugar, and ingredients no one can pronounce. It’s linked to heart disease, obesity, tooth decay, and more. There is no question in anyone’s mind that soda is incredibly bad for you, but we drink it anyway.

Sparkling water, on the other hand, is basically soda without the gunk. There’s no heavy sugars or syrups, no excessive sweetness, and most of the time there are no calories. It’s the perfect substitute when you want a fizzy beverage, but you don’t want to drink 300 calories in a sitting.

If you’ve stepped into the soda aisle recently, you’d know – it’s no longer just store brands and Polar to choose from. Dasani, Canada Dry, and even Poland Springs have gotten in on the craze. Brands like La Croix have a cult-like following online, and new companies are popping up every day offering different flavors and combinations.

One health-center brand is even releasing a vitamin-water-style seltzer, filled with vitamins and minerals to ‘boost’ your health.

Making the Switch is Hard, But Worth It

If you’re used to the heavy, artificially sweetened beverages, straight soda water might taste bitter to you. The flavor isn’t going to be the same as what you get in a can of Coke or Sprite, so don’t go in expecting that at all.

Start with a flavored sparkling water, like lemon-lime or berry, to help with the adjustment. Many people find drinking it very cold is key, so use non-melting ice cubes (That grape idea is coming in handy, huh?) on a hot day to keep your drink cool enough to consume.

Add extra lemon or lime to help ease your adjustment if you need to, or even cut lemonade with soda water at first to adjust.

When you stop drinking your calories, you’ll find you will lose weight, and your body will feel a lot healthier if you’re not consuming so much sugar. Even diet sodas are bad for you, and they do irreversible damage to your teeth.

Sparkling water isn’t just hype – the market is growing, and there’s a reason.

That’s why it’s the hottest drink this summer.

Reese Allen
Reese Allen knows firsthand how important it is to take care of your health. A severe car accident in college left Reese with more than a year of physical therapy as he relearned to walk. Now, Reese runs at least one 10K a month and is training for his first marathon. Never miss an update from Healthy Tip Daily—be sure to allow notifications and get the latest tips on living your best, healthiest life.